Travel information

All delegates are responsible for their own travelling arrangements to/from Cluj-Napoca.

By train:

Cluj-Napoca city is linked through railway to Bucharest (four trains daily) and Budapest (two trains daily).

Trains schedules can be consulted here.

By plane:

In addition, Cluj-Napoca has an international airport with direct flights to/from Bucharest, Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Dortmund and so on.

Low cost carriers: Wizz Air

By car:

In Romania, the speed limits are: 50km/h in cities, 90km/h on county roads, 100 km/h on European/National Roads, 130 km/h on highways.

The average speed - in normal driving - on national roads is about 60km/h (+/- 5km/h).

Gas price is around 5.8 lei/liter of benzine (benzine 95) = about 1.3 euro/liter

6 lei/liter of motorine (diesel) = about 1.4 euro/liter

Best routes to Cluj-Napoca:

From the West (EU), best route is through Hungary on M3 from Budapest to Debrecen (HU), than from Debrecen (HU) to Oradea (RO) on E79, E60. From Oradea on E60 to Cluj-Napoca - (about 165 km from the HU/RO border to Cluj, about 2h 30 minutes - 3h of normal driving).

From the East, best route is E58 to Dej, then E576 to Cluj-Napoca.

From the South, best route is E81 (Bucharest - Cluj-Napoca).

Good to know in Cluj:

Details about touristic attractions in Cluj-Napoca:

1 euro = about 4.45 lei *on 2nd of October 2013

1 US dollar = about 3.3 lei

Average taxi fare in Cluj Napoca: 1,79 lei - start + 1,79 lei/km in the day (1.99 lei/km in the night)

Taxi companies:

Nova Taxi:

Pro Rapid Taxi

Napoca Taxi

Taxi Pritax

Diesel Taxi

Bus tickets: 2 lei/ride, 4 lei/double ride ticket

Bus lines can be checked on google maps directly by selecting common transportation (example below, railway to University)