Aim of the symposium

This symposium aims to bring together contributions regarding taxonomic, ecologic and genetic patterns at different levels of biological organisation (from single plant population to biome) and geographic distribution (from species range to eco-region). 

These combined patterns should allow a better understanding of the deterministic processes acting at different scales and shaping the structure, dynamics and functioning of hierarchically integrated biosystems.  

Related topics on interactions between plants and other group of living organisms are welcome. 

The meeting is dedicated to some of our masters, colleagues and friends in occasion of their birthday anniversary: 

* Prof. emeritus Franco Pedrotti (80th), 

* Dr. Gheorghe Coldea (75th), 

* Prof. Kazue Fujiwara (70th) 

* Prof. Vasile Cristea (65th).

 Prof. emeritus Franco Pedrotti and Prof. Kazue Fujiwara during a field excursion on Kyushu Island - Japan (July 2012)

 Dr. Gheorghe Coldea and Prof. Vasile Cristea during a workshop held in Dourdan - France within the framework of the Ecochange project (January 2006)