Field excursion

Preliminary field excursion programme (Sunday, 18th of May)


Morning: Field trip to the Natura 2000 Site "Suatu-Cojocna-Crairât" ROSCI0238, and surroundings:

* "Ponto-Sarmatic steppes" (EU habitat type 62C0*) and "Sub-pannonic steppic grasslands" (EU habitat type 6240*) dominated by Stipa pulcherrima (Stipetum pulcherrimae Soó 1942) or Carex humilis and Festuca rupicola (Festuco rupicolae-Caricetum humilis Soó (1930) 1947);

* "Euro-Siberian steppic woods" (EU habitat type 91I0*) with Quercus spp.

* "Subcontinental peri-Pannonic scrub" (EU habitat type 40A0*) with Prunus tenella.

Lunch in a rustic country pension (Sic village)

Afternoon: Field trip to the Natura 2000 site "Lacul Ştiucilor – Sic – Puini – Bonţida"

* "Pannonic salt steppes and salt marshes" (EU habitat type 1530*)